๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿคฌ Report bad stakepools&Vaults! ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

Please report bad stake pools here, if they have the following activities:

  • Changing commission right after you stake in!

Please add your comment in the following format:

- Pool-ID: 
- My delegate tx: 
- Pool change commission rate: 5%-100%
- Pool action tx:

This is a war between Bad Behavior Pools and $PHA holder, This can help others avoid the same issue!

How to check pool action tx?

1, Get the fucker owner address

  • Check on Polkadot.js UI
  • Choose Developer/Chainstate
  • choose phalaStakepool, pick Stakepools<pool info>, and input the fucker pool-id
  • get his owner address

2, Get the fucker action

Input the owner address on the Khala browser


Hi all,

- Pool-ID: 703
- My delegate tx: 0x538eb0141c6500dee7a6c16955bb0189775a5739127dcce6627b68c1db4b8d77
- Pool change commission rate: came from 0% to 90% !!!
- Pool action tx: 0x13ab17c18dd308f3936abb78a5f3ccef49d80725ba910a6b2cb6536be117c07a
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This asshole changed the commission from 0 to 100%

  • Pool-ID: 628
  • My delegate tx: 0xe86d25e952bf35a9a3074d2c813db31ee5bd363cd273901ec21710b342f517f5
  • Pool change commission rate: 0%-100%
  • Pool action tx: 0xb58d2da25717bb26b0b02ee0a42e0c273db0a1319ecfbb84f1411b1d6b49c208

Maybe he just not set it before ;)
You also should think before joining such pool.

Get this CUNT outta here!!!

  • Pool-ID: 244
  • My delegate tx:
  • Pool change commission rate: 100%
  • Pool action tx: 41tE9g53JyVNECpEH9EtJk2i4itfJGEBct6Xq1R9iPhELcq8 45Kq1HWSgnHy1MaUg1K2QdkVysnVnobMYNw3XqWcxgC6bm4s

Miner 1: Switched commission not directly but rather waited a few hours.
pid: 859,
owner: 44CWfYraSdTi8YEEXJ4CobUULZhq2Kok6jq2PWZiHPJj3tyd,
payoutCommission: 100.00%,
ownerReward: 0,
cap: 18.0000 kPHA,
rewardAcc: 10,044,948,912,631,816,
totalShares: 18.0000 kPHA,
totalStake: 18.0000 kPHA,
freeStake: 15.6520 kPHA,
releasingStake: 0,
workers: [
withdrawQueue: []

and switched immediately to 100%

pid: 375,
owner: 45bM8GxwTxxtUxEVCZsyp5a1QAJYqaGqXgLvtrRHQaFtLLNu,
payoutCommission: 100.00%,
ownerReward: 34.8239 PHA,
cap: 50.0000 kPHA,
rewardAcc: 34,851,057,350,253,086,
totalShares: 8.9950 kPHA,
totalStake: 8.9950 kPHA,
freeStake: 0,
releasingStake: 0,
workers: [
withdrawQueue: []

I cannot withdraw the coins and he pulled another 9% out of nowhere

  • Pool-ID: 897
  • My delegate tx: 0x2158b44e38dbfa0cb1cd7286c2e1676a8c84df0efedd05c23eec0a3238d5839a
  • Pool change commission rate: changed from 1% to 10%
  • Pool action tx: 0x8ecf35824e9930448b0e77dbbad33607fb58025c4bd52bdb94ea11b5dd15fd0b

Question: I withdrew funds from a bad stakepool before I claimed rewards. Is it possible to claim rewards after withdrawing?

Answer: Yes. I had to redelegate to the stakepool in order for it to appear under โ€œMy Delegateโ€ tab. Then I was able to claim.

Iโ€™m unable to withdraw my tokens from a miner who changed the commission rate to 100%, are they permanently locked until they free up enough for me to withdraw or is there a mechanism that eventually releases them? Itโ€™s been nearly 48 hours now, Iโ€™ve tried several times and now the withdraw amount is showing 4 times what I actually delegated.

Stay clear of Pool-ID 395.


I cannot withdraw my PHA token.

Pool-ID: 96, 244, 815
Pool change commission rate: came from 0% to 100%

I donโ€™t know why but withdraw transaction success. thanks.

Iโ€™ve given up hope Iโ€™ll get my 10K back, itโ€™s a tiny fraction of my holdings so Iโ€™m not that bothered. Itโ€™s more frustrating that miners are able to change the commission on the fly like this, there should be a lock, 30 day minimum to stop this. Iโ€™ll just hodl instead of staking again.

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Maybe just search better pool ;) and check something more than APR only ;)
Stake is locked for up to 14 days.

When I staked, the APRโ€™s were all 0% as it had just launched.

If the stake is returned after 14 days then I can wait. I thought it was similar to other pools where you could only withdraw when others fill the pool, allowing X amount to be unlocked, which would of been a nightmare as people are unlikely going to stake in a 100% commission pool.

The issue I had was the commission was low then 30 minutes after staking when up to 100% commission, APR was still 0% cause things just launched. Lesson learned.

pool id: pid 555

My delegate tx :0x2714d9c7ef4e96d94d6675cd4f37a0c5d2d1001effcacc327c0b92d62ee7c912

pool change comission rate: 0xd5db9641670e6288ff531798ad117c3c545ceb2c31039ea792f91f4cf2ccc1a8

Also I made a witdrawal but since more than 8 days i didnโ€™t receive my phala.
withdraw Tx: 0xe86595f01f6db29ff81c3a71ce9cd205f3654640d66b69a63488c1ee04ea8eb8


Confirmed The WHEELS have come off for

TOPGEM (pool 555) !


Also withdrawal pending for 9+ days.
can the PHA TEAM HELP???


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Hi, please read staking explanation carefully, it means:

  • Delegation withdraw could release immediately, 7 days or 14 days.
  • It depends on each pool free_delegation ammount, and if have / donโ€™t have extra PHA delegated to the pool in 7 days

In another hand, the timing on Khala is counted by blocks, not 100% match the time in real world. On Khala:

  • 1 day = 7200 blocks
  • 7 days = 50400 blocks

Please monitor the blocks number rather than real time. But we are also trying to making block timing more stable in 12s.

Hi, I have read staking explanation, but I didnโ€™t find anything regarding change commission from 30 to 100% , just because the operator " donโ€™t want to receive staking pha anymore" as he answered to me. And then your funds get stuck, thanks for.your concern โ€ฆ

where can I monitor the blocks numbers? i.e. where can I find out in which block I undelegated and which block we are in right now?