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Hi Marvin,

Bit of a strange scenario here, maybe you can explain what’s happened?

I staked 7,500 PHA in Pool 395 and I attempted to withdraw over 15 days ago and I could see the attempt in Polkadot JS Chainstate but after some hours the withdraw didn’t complete so I tried again another couple times. The amount I was withdrawing tripled and was showing 3 times in the chainstate output, even though I was only due 7,500. I thought it would just take the first withdraw request and fail on the others but I would still get my PHA back after 14 days (approx)

Now nearly 16 days later, there’s only one request to withdraw from me now but I should of already received my PHA as I was 4th in line for a withdraw but seems I’ve been put to the back of the queue nearly due to the multiple withdraw requests?

Hopefully that makes sense, anyway after 16 days my PHA is still locked up and it appears several others got their PHA before me even though I was ahead in the queue by timestamp.

My PHA just got released, happy now.

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  • Pool-ID: 215
  • My delegate tx:
  • Pool change commission rate: 30%-100%
  • Pool action tx: 0x258bd44609c3a257ff5bca546db8d1f5f7d656b0361d570a5fc32838f42db0be
  • Pool-ID: 1293
  • My delegate tx:
  • Pool change commission rate: 0%-100%
  • Pool action tx:

For further issues try to verify pool in my tool


Love it!

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WOW, fabulous page!

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  • Pool-ID: 3321
  • My delegate tx:
  • Pool change commission rate: 15%-100%
  • Pool action tx:

I am not techie person. I cannot trace anymore the delegate transaction and pool action transaction. But it not enough the Pool ID of owner. With that your IT can trace it for sure cuz you are IT. Because if we are knowledgeable we will make our own pool (miner). But this kind of information you gonna its not friendly to delegator which is not techie.

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commission 95%

  1. here is favorite option in app.
  2. miners have white list option.
    3. how about black list option?