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For the past year, Phala Network has been committed to building Web3.0 – a world with a privacy umbrella for personal identity and personal data. We have established multiple product lines to realize this vision, including TEE hardware miners, Dark Wallet, poc3, Pdiem, W3A, and more. The codebase is becoming more abundant, and our code activity ranks among the top ten in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Phala has decided to establish a “Code Bounty Pool,” recruiting “Bounty Hunters” from around the world to jointly build Web3.0 with Phala! All hunters can capture bounty by submitting code. When your proposed code is approved by the official team, you will get your bounty!

Code Bounty Tasks

💁 Who can become a Bounty Hunter?

Any developers can claim a task, and as long as you complete it as required, you can get the bounty!

:computer: How to become a Bounty Hunter and get Code Bounty

The Phala Bounties are a tiered system, ranging from a few simple lines of code to a complete function. Whatever your level or available time, there’s a Bounty for you!

Task Level Issue Tag Common Task Types Expected Task Time Bounty
Primary bounty-xs Fix bugs / optimize code / documentation Under 2 hours 1-5 USD equivalent in PHA
Advanced bounty-s Optimize the code / complete a small function Under 10 hours About 100 USD equivalent in PHA
Expert No Tag For tasks that cannot be quantified in advance, bounties are assessed through discussions with the team Unlimited Set relative to the difficulty of completing the task, as evaluated by the technical team
:mag_right: Mining related No Tag We also welcome you to submit mining-related tools, plug-ins, etc., for the benefit of the miner community. Can be submitted at any time Set relative to the difficulty of completing the task, as evaluated by the technical team

  1. Go to the Phala task list. Tasks with the bounty-xs/s tag are fixed-price tasks, and the tasks without these tags are unpriced tasks. Select a problem you want to solve, leave a message under the corresponding task to earn the “right to contribute” to this task, and you’ve become a Bounty Hunter.
  2. Do the work to solve the problem in the task. Note that the solution you provide needs to meet the requirements stated in the task.
  3. Submit a proper PR.
  4. When you completed, leave a message under this post with task name + task link + PR link + erc20 address (non-exchange), and any relevant comments.
  5. Wait for review by the technical team. If the PR passes review, a confirmation reply will be posted, and the bonus will then be issued to your account within 2 weeks.

:microphone: Bounty donation

In addition to the tasks bountied by the official team, you can propose a new Issue for code that you think is valuable to the bounty program codebase (note that serious vulnerabilities should not be posted as Issues; please follow Responsible Disclosure practices and send to [email protected]). Community members who recognize the Issue and find it worthy of support can donate Bounty on the Issue. Any donated amounts will be distributed to the Bounty Hunter who completes and claims the task.

Users in the community can also donate directly to Bounty Hunters who have made contributions. Whenever you think that the contributions of a Bounty Hunter are of great help to the community, you are encouraged to send donations to the address submitted by that Bounty Hunter in the forum.

(Do not send donations to unknown addresses.)

:medal_military: Bounty Hunter Wall of Honor

Every few weeks to a month, we will update the Bounty Hunter Wall of Honor with the names of Bounty Hunter who have won bounty to thank the Hunters for their contributions and encourage more developers to take up the hunt.


How to start developing?

Prepare a dev environment (these docs are mostly up-to-date, but pruntime & phost have been moved to standalone/ directory): 1.2 Run a Local Development Network | Phala Network Wiki

What if submitted code does not pass review?

You can join Phala’s Discord technical community, communicate with the technical team, and receive guidance on improving the code.

I want to submit a new task that is not in the Issue list

Very welcome! You can directly submit a issue and PR to the code base of bounty program and leave a comment at the bottom of this post to explain the new features.

Why did the submitted task not receive a response?

Don’t worry, the technical team will review your code in time and give a reply. Please be patient.

When the solution involves multiple contributors, how is the bounty distributed?

The first hunter who submits a solution will be rewarded. Of course, we will also consider subsequent submission participants as appropriate.

How to receive the rewards?

Rewards will issued to your Khala account

Official Links

Github: Phala Network · GitHub
Github (Issue list): Backlog · GitHub
Github (bounty program): GitHub - Phala-Network/bounty-program: Let's build Phala together
Tech Wiki: Phala Network Wiki
Website: phala.network
Discord (tech channel): Phala Network


About “Mining stats chart tool”
I think my tool fairly meets requirements. Even if something is missing I’m open to improvements.
Also I would like to maintain it after possible merge to project repos (depending on if and how you would like to use it).

I also created info how to use it. So maybe more people will use it

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It’s a very good work! Simple to use, convenient for miners to query mining data and on-chain data in real time :+1:

After the review of dev team, we believe your tool is deserved 300USD(PHA) rewards! Congratulations! You are the 1st code bounty hunters! :+1: :+1:
At the same time, Phala team is developing similar tool, coming soon. Hope these tools can meet users’ needs good :muscle: :muscle: Please keep on updating~~

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This tool is used for automatic restart when the phost stops accidentally



From @Tarnyko(Github)
Update README: pRuntime & general fixes #192:

  1. pRuntime has been merged, fix mentions and paths
  2. Some missing steps (macOS, SGX SDK, WebUI)

The phala mining scheme includes stand-alone and cluster modes. Realize the best configuration experience for mining。

github repo: GitHub - big-miner/phala-miner


I submitted a new task which is an upgrade of the guess number game, with links to related repositories. I added a Bot to play against and a scoring system. Details can be found here:
Youtube: Guess number VS Bot using Phala - YouTube
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kazunobu_ndong/status/1457908220979126275?s=20
Ideally, we could all cooperate to improve the gaming system and the UI, I was thinking about not simply scoring points, but getting tokens from the Bot when winning (the win would trigger a transaction)…