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A Guidebook to Motherboard SGX Test


Please be aware that this test will ERASE YOUR DATA of your original computer. We STRONGLY recommend you to process this test on your spare device.

After testing, your Windows system will be replaced by Linux system. If your computer were to be used for work or other use, please remember to prepare a Windows installation USB to restore your device afterwards.

Phala WILL NOT be responsible for any hardware or software damage or data loss caused by improper personal operation.


How to identify your CPU:

How to identify your motherboard model:

A brief of all the steps you will take:

  1. Make an Installer for Ubuntu;
  2. BIOS setting
  3. Install Ubuntu;
  4. Download our testing files and unzip it;
  5. Run the testing

It would take less than 30 minutes.

Before Starting:

  1. Make sure you have a Windows computer or laptop, and a USB larger than 8 GB.
  2. Backup all your essential files on your original computer, and make an Installer for Windows if you want your Windows system back.
  3. Download Ubuntu:
  4. Download Rufus:
  5. Google the key to enter your BIOS setting and start disk selection (keys could be different according to various vendors). Reference:

Step 1: Make an Installer for Ubuntu

  1. Plug your USB into a USB port on your computer;
  2. Open Rufus.exe you just download;
  3. Follow the instructions:

Drive Properties ---------------------------------------------

Device: the name of your USB Flash Disk

Boot Selection: click “SELECT”, find where your Ubuntu was downloaded

Partition Scheme: MBR

Target system: BIOS or UEFI

Format Options ---------------------------------------------

Volume label: Leave it

File system: FAT32

Cluster size: 8192 bytes

  1. Click “START”. Wait until it’s done.

Step 2: BIOS Setting

  1. Restart your computer, quickly press the key to enter BIOS you’ve checked, until it enters a black or blue page
  2. Move your cursor with ↑ ↓ ← → and confirm with Enter
  3. Find Security → Secure Boot → Disabled (turn it off);
  4. Find Boot → Boot Mode → UEFI → Abled (turn it on);
  5. Find Boot Priority → Linpus Lite (or any other name that is different from Windows) → Choose (press Enter) ;
  6. Press F10 to save;
  7. Wait for it to startup as normal. Then restart your computer. It should be able to enter Ubuntu system.

Step 3: Install Ubuntu (which will erase your disk)

To install with partition, you might need to follow this instruction:

Phala will not be responsible for any later crashes or data loss if you choose this plan.

  1. Wait until it jumps out a black page.
  2. Choose “Install Ubuntu”.
  3. Choose your language.
  4. Follow the trivial instructions.
  5. Choose “erase disk and install Ubuntu” when it comes to Installation Types.
  6. Follow the trivial instructions until it’s fully settled.

Step 4: Download Testing Files

  1. Open Firefox, input:

  2. Unzip the file pack to your desktop.

Step 5: Run Test

  1. Open the folder

  2. Right click and choose “Open in Terminal” in the margin space.

  1. Input: sudo ./
  2. Input your password (note that the cursor won’t move while inputting)
  3. Wait until it output like:

  1. Input: reboot, waiting for it to restart.
  2. Open the folder, and right click, and choose “Open in Terminal” again.
  3. Input: sudo ./
  4. Input your password.
  5. Wait for it to output the result.

Step 6: Check results

If it show like:

Congratulations! You are ready to claim our rewards now!

If it shows the phrase below, there might be something wrong and please contact us for technical assistance:

  • SGX HW TEST FAILED! : your computer didn’t pass the test and will not pass the test because it does not support SGX.
  • SGX Driver is NOT Readly : Might be caused by driver’s issue or BIOS old version. You may have to contact your vendor help center for more help.
  • Phala.Network TestAPP is Crash! : Check your BIOS setting or contact our team members.
  • Test FAILED : Try to input sudo ./ and see if it works. Normally it would need 3-4 times. If it didn’t please contact our team members for assistance.
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