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🔥 Bounty | Motherboard SGX Test

Since 2018, Phala has evolved from a technical theory to a crucial member in Polkadot ecosystem , as the creator of the first crosschain confidential smart contract platform, a nominee of the Web3 Foundation Grant, and a project elected in Parity’s Builders Program . We’ve been building our own community and receiving attention from some of the top media.

Phala is designed to be the infrastructure of confidentiality in Web3.0. We are proud of our highlights: interoperability, commercialization adaptability, developer-friendly design, fair token distribution, liquid democracy governance … but Phala alone cannot fulfill the value of web3.0. Every day, thousands of people are still suffering from data leak and privacy invading, willingly or unwillingly. Before changing anything, we need to realize the need for change.

Hereby we launched “The Privacy Awakens” Program: a series of bounties and campaigns to present what Phala Network can do and how we will do it. It’s an invitation to all of you who care about privacy, data and information, a red pill against data monopolies who have been abusing our privacy for so long, and a remote control with which you can literally change the way how everyone’s data is owned and valued.

It’s happening: taking back your control on DATA and PRIVACY, easier than ever. Become a Phala miner, run your computer 24–7, no PoW calculations, no hardware spendings, and you are already contributing to the privacy revolution around the world.

Now let’s start with: the motherboard SGX mining test.

The Motherboard SGX Mining Test

Phala Network consists of two layers: the consensus layer and the computing layer. The former will be maintained by NPoS nodes, while the latter to be supported by TEE miners who provide continuous and steady computing power through our Matrix mining.

It’s simple to be a Phala miner:

  • A device with Intel CPU;
  • Keep your node online.

Normally, at this stage, a project should announce a list of qualified hardware for people to join mining; but in Phala Network, qualified hardware could be INNUMERABLE because all we know is we need Intel CPUs :frowning:

And here comes the idea: it would more efficient with more people attending instead of purchasing all the potential devices by ourselves :slight_smile:

If you happened to have one or more Intel devices (both desktop or laptop work), PLEASE JOIN OUR TEST, and WIN YOUR REWARDS! :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Reward Setting:

  • 150 PHA for the first 10 devices;
  • 100 PHA for the first 50 devices;
  • 50 PHA for each device after them


  1. MAKE SURE the model of your processor is in the list
  2. MAKE SURE no one has tested your device before;
  3. Read the instructions;
  4. Start testing;
  5. Claim your reward if your device passed!

It would be better if you:

  • Have at least 1 Intel device, 2 or more would be better (your disk will be erased while installing Ubuntu);
  • Know basic operations of Windows system, the experience of Linux would be better (our test would be run on Linux).

Note that:

  • Only devices that passed the test and were not tested before would receive rewards
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