Tip Proposal: Upgrade of the Guess number game

I am requesting a tip for the upgrade of the Guess number game.
In the upgraded version of the game, you play against a bot, and you also can check your score and the bot’s score at any time of the game. Submitting your guess will trigger the bot’s game, and update the score of both players. Looking at the answer will reset the score of Both players.
A demonstration is visible on youtube: Guess number VS Bot using Phala - YouTube
An issue was also created in the Phala-Network/Bounty program, with the links to all the necessary repositories: Guess Number upgrade · Issue #1 · Phala-Network/bounty-program (github.com)

Thank you


interesting, what other applications can this have?

I was thinking about not simply scoring points, but getting a small number of tokens from the Bot when winning: winning or losing would trigger a transaction. It would be a kind of faucet…Maybe including this into a DEX, users of the app know where to go if they don’t have enough tokens to operate a transaction…


Let’s go further with the DEX idea:

  • when your wallet balance is too low to pay for transactions, the difficulty level is low, and losing does not take any token away from you.
  • if your balance is sufficient, you still can play, but the game difficulty is increased, and you lose some tokens when you lose the game….

Hi @ndkazu , tippers have already tip for your proposal successfully! Thanks for the upgrade of guess number game! More details you can check in SubSquare

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Thank you Lucia!!