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🔥 Bounty | Issue your own private token on testnet

Phala’s testnet PoC-1 is launched!

We are thrilled to announce that Phala’s testnet (version: PoC-1) is now alive! You can now try THE COOLEST privacy protection function based on confidential contracts:

  • Issue your own privacy token and transfer them to others
  • Use private transfer to protect details on chain such as your address and amount of tokens

Follow the steps :open_book: , issue your exclusive private token, send them to admin @ylyantonia in Telegram group, and claim 5 PHA !

On Reward Giving

All rewards will be delivered to your ETH address by the end of April when PHA is available on testnet.

About Phala

The 1st Subsrtrate-based confidential smartcontract platform on which you can develop secret-prevering and privacy-protecting blockchain apps. Member of Parity Builders Program starting lineup. Winner of Web3 Foundation Grant.