$7.5 per slot: Phala Group MOD (Wave I Closed)

Recruiting paused for too many candidates :joy:. Please stay tuned with us for next round of recruiting. :)

Phala has been receiving more and more attention and followers. In September, we have 900+ new followers on Phala Twitter and 1,200+ new members in Phala Network International community, which brought over 5,000 messages and questions.

At the same time, dozens of applications were sent to Phala, explaining their willingness to build both Phala English and local communities. And we realized, the places of “Watchman” should not be limited .

Thus we set a new position — Phala Group MOD — with a new schedule booking mechanism.

Phala Group MOD

A Group MOD will be responsible for making newcomers feel welcomed at Phala community. And he or she should be:

  1. Be online and active in your slots;
  2. Know Phala well.
  3. Manage the community

How to apply

  1. Take a test: https://forms.gle/v3EZAWd17dzL7TX26
  2. If you passed, you would be invited to Phala Family group. Antony will send you the resources and materials you need;
  3. Book your slots in the form https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DQU2cIXEEDhRPf3FYE2U9KEt9rGsGDV4DOPyNOok76o/edit?usp=sharing (editable after you pass the test)
  4. Get started when you are in slots;
  5. Receive PHA once a week after trial (20 workdays).

In a word, there will be NO RESTRICTIONS ON NUMBERS OF THIS ROLE, but 28 slots per week . More slots booked, more PHA earned. :moneybag:

Slots can only be booked until Sunday this week. To book the slots of next week, you will have to wait until next Monday.


  • 1 box = 1 slot
  • 1 slot = PHA equaled to $15
  • More slots booked, more PHA earned.

Schedule booking form and PHA distribution will be updated in a Google folder: Phala Community (Public).

Besides MOD, we also offered multiple types of rewards for translators, artists, YouTubers, community leaders, etc. :point_right: https://trello.com/invite/b/19M89GXx/4fa1860d8d79ecf984de110351b2f744/building-phala-together

And we really appreciate the time and efforts you committed to Phala and the Web3.0 world.

Hope you enjoy the fun. ;D