Announcement: the on-chain issue for Vault #3474

Hello Pham:

We discovered a data error today that was caused by an on-chain issue for Vault #3474. We have begun to fix this issue, which will take a week to complete. Here’s more information:


The issue arose due to a limitation on data storage, which means that the total delegation amount for a single StakePool or Vault cannot exceed 18 million. If this limit is exceeded, there will be problems with the distribution of shares. Vault #3474, which is managed by the HashForest team, exceeded this limit and caused the issue.


The effect of this is that users who enter to participate in the Vault will receive a delegation share that is less than the actual delegated value. The loss ratio for each delegator is approximately 2%.


We are already working on calculating all the addresses experiencing losses and estimating the delegator rewards that all participating addresses in this Vault should receive before the bug is fixed. We will distribute share compensation to these affected addresses when the bug is fixed.

For the time being, we ask that users who are currently staking in Vault #3474 refrain from withdrawing their delegation to avoid further computational compensation difficulties. Users who have withdrawn need not worry, as we will calculate compensation for all users participating in Vault #3474. In the meantime, Vault #3474 has opened the whitelist until the bug is fixed. It will not accept new user delegations. The HashForest team, which manages Vault #3474, will pay for these compensations.

If similar problems occur in other pools, whether the losses can be compensated will depend on the person in charge. We ask that other StakePool owners, Vault owners, and delegators pay attention to the possibility of this issue and only delegate to pools with delegation amounts below 18 million to avoid unnecessary losses until the bug is fixed.