Phala vs Secret Network (SCRT)

Q: What are the differences between Phala network and Secret network?

I think this is a frequently asked question and it deserves a post.


  • We both run confidential smart contracts
  • Both rely on hardware enclaves (Intel SGX)


  • SCRT is in cosmos ecosystem while Phala is in Polkadot ecosystem
  • On Phala we separate consensus and computation. We can have unlimited numbers of miners to run computation tasks
  • (Therefore) SCRT has a similar throughput to other blockchains (ETH, EOS, etc), but Phala is a rollup architecture and can scale thousands times
  • SCRT targets blockchain use cases, while Phala targets both blockchain and cloud computing scale scenarios

Also: Secret is a superslow developer. I participated in their ICO when it was called ENIGMA. I was not impressed by their accomplishments. I have a feeling they will not keep up with Phala’s development.

And don’t forget their problems with the SEC: