Phala Weekly v0.2.99



Dev Updates


  1. ERC20 migration pallet (PR #72)
  2. Infrastructure of Testnet PoC-3: Vendetta
  3. Phala deploy dockerfiles
  4. XCM integration of confidential customized asset smart contract (PR #70)


  1. Integration testing of Tesnet PoC-3: Vendetta
  2. Free transaction of ERC20 migration on Substrate
  3. Better performance of mining protocol
  4. Integration of cross-chain XCM

Community and Ecosystem


  1. Event recording of Shanghai International Blockchain Week
  2. Community statistics review:


  1. Campaign design and documentation of Testnet Vendetta
  2. Translation of new official website
  3. Video recap of Phala moments in Shanghai International Blockchain Week
  4. Dshop on Origin


  1. 6 pieces of Translation from 2 translators
  2. 3 new type of device have passed the SGX miner test and won 30 PHA per device.


Last week, Phala team presented at a dozen of round table talk or road talk such as Web3 Forum & Web3 Bootcamp Demo Day by Web3 Foundation, Old Friends Reunion DeFi Summit by IOSG Venture, Polkadot Night by Hashkey Hub, Blockchain Submit by Candaq Group, MathCon Submit by MathWallet, round table talk by Cointelegraph, etc. as an important Polkadot-eco speaker in Shanghai International Blockchain Week. Videos will be updated Phala Youtube channel.


Coming soon

  • UTC 08:30, Nov 3: Online AMA with BBNews
  • Around Nov 15: Testnet Vendetta Incentivized Miner Race

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