Should Phala Launch A New Miner Race

Hi everyone,

we are about to launch the computing tasks rewards on testnet (yes the total fire production per day is 360k Fire because of the lack of computing tasks rewards). But the event is approaching to its end (like in 10 more days), which is not a news for new function testing.

So, we decided to add another round of race. And all rewards of 1605 race will be delivered before the next round starts.

But we are quite not sure about one thing: should we just add more rewards and time to the 1605 race, or should we just start a new game?

If we apply the former, it might be unfair to the miners who have joined this race since day 1 and their rewards might be deluted if there’s more miners joining afterwards;

If we apply the latter, it might be a bit confusing and both new miners / old miners may leave the game.

How do you think? Please kindly vote your opinion to better launch the event. :)

Poll link:


PromoTeam will participate anyway. But I think it’s better to keep initial conditions to prevent questions. Loyal and active community members will do the things anyway.

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Great suggestion. Thank you Alex.

I am hoping to obtain some support for a transaction error to the PHA contract address, could you direct me to someone who could help?

Happy to compensate for helping me out. Thanks

You may kindly ask in ~

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But notmally that happens becuase of wrong mnemonics that you filled in pHost

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