Special Announcement for Compute providers

Dear Compute providers

We have an important announcement regarding the StakePoolV2 on-chain function upgrade. The upgrade will begin on December 15th and is expected to be a complex process. We have prepared a list of potential impacts in the proposal.

Link: https://khala.subsquare.io/democracy/referendum/67

Please take the time to review the information and follow our suggestions to avoid any impact on your owner rewards. The main time points to be aware of during this upgrade and the main impacts on you are as follows:

On December 15th at 8:00 AM UTC, the StakePoolV2 on-chain function upgrade will begin.

  • Suspend the heartbeat event of GK to suspend the issuance of computing power rewards.
  • Workers will no longer enter the unresponsive state. (During this time, worker registration, starting or stopping work on the chain can still be performed manually, and the transaction module on the chain will be normal.)
  • Temporarily cancel the mandatory Coolingdown function when the StakePool Withdrawal queue expires until the upgrade is complete.

On December 16th (specific time to be determined)

  • Suspend functions related to workers, StakePool, and delegation on the chain. At that time, it will not be possible to initiate any on-chain transactions for the above three parts.
  • Suspend Council Elections.
  • The Delegate and Mining pages on the Phala App will pause.
  • New versions of pRuntime and PRB will be released, and compute providers can start updating the pRuntime and PRB modules in their workers.

On December 21st (specific time to be determined), the upgrade on the chain will be complete

  • Reactivate on-chain functions related to workers, StakePool, and delegation. At that time, you can manually operate worker registration, start or stop mining through polkadot.js, and you can make StakePool/Vault management and Delegation adjustments.

On December 22nd (specific time to be determined)

  • the Phala App 2.0 will officially launch.

On December 23rd at 8:00 AM UTC

  • Restore GK’s heartbeat event.
  • After GK resumes, in the first heartbeat event of each worker, all computing power rewards during the entire suspension period will be reissued.

On December 26th (specific time to be determined)

  • Restore the forced Coolingdown function after the StakePool Withdrawal queue expires.

For these key time points, the following three points will have a special impact on you:

  1. From December 15th to December 23rd, you will not be able to receive owner rewards in a timely manner. All rewards during this period will be distributed after the heartbeat event resumes on December 23rd.
    Please ensure that your workers remain active and stable for a few days after the 23rd to avoid missing the reward distribution. The distribution of rewards is only for active workers that were online before the suspension of rewards. Please ensure that your workers remain online before 8:00 AM UTC on December 15th.
  2. The new version of pRuntime and PRB will be released on December 16th.
    This pRuntime upgrade will help avoid problems similar to the previous “PRB incident,” and we highly recommend that you join this upgrade. However, it is not a mandatory upgrade.
    The PRB upgrade is mandatory, though. If you do not upgrade it, workers controlled by the PRB server will stop working after the on-chain function upgrade on December 21st. Please upgrade in time.
    After the new version is released, we will announce and release upgrade tutorials in the community. Please pay attention to the #Miner channel in discord.
  3. From December 15th to December 25th, delegation in the StakePool may not be withdrawn. Due to the suspension of on-chain functions, no matter whether there is free delegation in the StakePool, no one will be able to perform withdrawal and delegate operations during the upgrade period from December 16th to December 21st. To ensure that the delayed payment of rewards can be issued smoothly after the upgrade, we have decided to temporarily cancel the mandatory Coolingdown function in the StakePools. From December 15th to December 25th, if there is no free delegation in the StakePool, regardless of whether the withdrawal queue is exceeding 7 days, the StakePool will not be forced to shut down. However, the mandatory Coolingdown function will resume on December 26th, and all StakePools with withdrawal queues exceeding 7 days will be forced to shut down immediately. Therefore, please raise enough tokens in the StakePool in time before the end of December 25th or stop some workers in advance to avoid the forced shutdown of the entire StakePool.

The above three points are the core content that compute providers need to pay attention to during the upgrade process. In addition, you will not need to perform other operations during the upgrade process.