(CLOSED)10 PHA for participant: Test & Claim | Testnet Rorschach

ON-GOING until next upgrade

Each participant will receive 10 PHA if he follows the tutorial below to test the testnet Rorschach functions.

Creating Account of Rorschach

  1. Click AccountAdd Account
  2. Your account has been successfully created if you can see your account in the list.

How to copy your address

Click your avatar to copy the address.

How to use Vanity Generator

You can create an account with specific characters.
Wait for it to generate until the address you like appears.

Get tPHA

You can obtain Phala testnet token tPHA trough Phala faucet: 25 tPHA / user per day.

(1/4) Converting Your Asset

  1. Open https://app.phala.network/wallet
  2. Click Locked at the upper right corner to unlock your account
  3. Click Convert to Secret PHA
  4. Input the amount of PHA you want to convert, then click Submit
  5. Click Sign and Submit

(2/4) Be a Nominator

What Is A Nominator?

Similar to Polkadot, on Phala testnet, you can be a Nominator by nominating a Gatekeeper through staking. Enough nomination is a must for Gatekeepers to pass the competition before starting packaging blocks and managing Keystore. Nominators will be able to share returns from Gatekeepers proportionally according to the ration their staking occupy. In non-official conversation, this process is called “stake-mining” as well.

How to nominate?

  1. Click +Nominator, input the value you want to bond
  2. use automatic selection or manually select the Gatekeepers you want to nominate, and click bond & nominate
  3. save a screenshot of your nomination as follows for reward claiming.

(3/4) Vote for A Council Candidate

  1. Go to CouncilVote
  2. Input vote value, choose the candidates you want to vote, then click Submit.
  3. Save a screenshot of the notifications for reward claiming.

(4/4) Reward Claiming

  1. Go to https://phala.subscan.io/
  2. Copy and paste your address, click search
  3. Make a screenshot of your account actions
  4. Submit it into the Reward Claiming Form correctly. And Reward PHA will be distributed to your ETH Address at every end of the week :)

Reward PHA will be distributed as ERC20 tokens before Phala mainnet launches.

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