How to debug your miner stack (docker)

After completing whole tutorial here:
You should got stack working. But sometimes it may happend it didn’t went well.
Here I would like to describe for all of you not familiar with linux / docker how to get informations why it is not working.

Check does your controller account submit phalamodule(sync_worker_message)

If it does produce such extrinsic (in last few hour - it may vary) it means your miner works well.
Otherwise you need to check stack.

First of all check docker stats

All containers should be running. Also note if phala-node is highly uses CPU it means sync is in progress.
Also check telemetry to know what is node sync progress.

If one of your docker containers doesn’t work you need to check why.
Run container without --rm flag which “Automatically remove the container when it exits”.
Next check logs with:
docker logs <container-name> | tail -n 100 for example docker logs phala-node | tail -n 100

If your container is down (logs will not be available) and after starting it breaks immediately you can enter docker and verify it manually:

  1. run container with modified entrypoint
    Example for phala-phost container
docker run -d -ti --rm \
                --name phala-phost \
                -e PRUNTIME_ENDPOINT="http://phala-pruntime:8000" \
                -e PHALA_NODE_WS_ENDPOINT="ws://phala-node:9944" \
                -e MNEMONIC="your-mnemonic" \
                -e EXTRA_OPTS="-r" \
                --link phala-node \
                --link phala-pruntime \
                --entrypoint /bin/bash

Note this line:
--entrypoint /bin/bash

  1. attach to container
docker attach phala-phost
  1. run main script inside container

And you should get output. Now you can verify what is wrong