VOTE FOR PHALA! We are running for 'Polkadot Decoded 2021' speech seats!

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Phala is running for the “Polkadot Decoded” speech seat, if it gets a higher number of votes, Phala will attend the speech! Please vote for Phala!

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ABOUT Polkadot Decoded 2021
Polkadot Decoded The first community-curated Polkadot conference.The virtual conference on all things Polkadot is back for a second edition on May 20th, 2021.

This year, in the spirit of decentralization, the conference features an open call for presentation proposals, with the final program curation determined by a community vote. Up to two-thirds of the full conference program will be selected from the community-curated shortlist.

How to vote for Phala

1. Open Polkadot Decoded - vote website

2. Check phala’s speech proposal. There are 6 proposals of Phala.

:boom::boom: The Polkadot Vision Section

High-level visionary talks on the big problems Polkadot solves. For this format, the focus should be on the capabilities of the technology, not the code. Share your vision of Polkadot and let the world know how it can help build a better web and a brighter future.

:white_check_mark: Secure the Polkadot DeFi World with Confidential Computing - Hang Yin, Phala Network

:boom::boom: Polkadot in Action Section

Share one or more specific use cases for Polkadot and show how the technology helps solve pressing challenges. This could include a use case your own company addresses or potential use cases that others could work on, such as governance, identity, gaming, or asset tracking.

:white_check_mark: Phala: XCMP Makes Confidential Computing Composable - Hang Yin, Phala Network

:boom::boom: Tech Talk Section

A deep-dive into the technology and use cases of Polkadot. This format can include a project demo to showcase your work on a technical level or a dive into the technology of Polkadot itself. Project demo proposals must include a link to your project’s Github repo.

:white_check_mark: Move to a Parachain: The Light Client (Deep Dive Into Parachain Consensus Design) - Hang Yin,
:white_check_mark: Confidential Ink! Contract (Deep Dive Into Ink Runtime) - Shunfan Zhou, Phala Network

:boom::boom: Workshop Section

Go even deeper into the tech behind Polkadot and share your knowledge in a workshop format. Proposals in this category should include an outline of what your educational goals are, i.e. the outcome you want your audience to achieve after attending your workshop.

:white_check_mark: Aerospace Engineering for Utility Token Economics : Phala Network - Konstantin Shamruk Phala Network

:boom::boom: Custom Formats Section

Go off the grid to define your own format

:white_check_mark: Trustless Privacy-Preserving Cloud Computing - Fireside Chat With Phala CEO, Marvin Tong

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