How to support Phala for slot auction on Rococo?

1. Creat Rococo address:

2. Open Element ( and creat an account, join Rococo faucet group:

You can open it in webpage directely if you don’t want to download the app

3. send !drip [+Rococo address what you have copied a few steps before] to get 20 testcoin $ROC in Rococo faucet group (each account can apply once per day). The $ROC will be sent to your Rococo address directly.

4. Now get back to Rococo testnet, enter Rococo crowdloan page

5. Choose ‘+contribute’ button (on the right) of Phala,set all $ROC, and finished the vote。

You can make this everyday till we win the slot! Thank you for your support!

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Video tutorial