Can't withdraw PHA from my Binance account. Anyone else have this problem?

I have around 500 PHA in my Binance account right now that I wish to withdraw for security reasons.

Whenever I copy/paste my address from my official Phala wallet, I get “address format error”. So I tried my Ethereum address instead and didn’t get the same error. But If I withdraw my PHA to ERC20 ETH they will be converted/lost, right?

This means Binance doesn’t support PHA addresses?

I hate this! I want to witdraw my PHA so no exchange can hold them hostage with 2FA bullshit reasons like Blockchain did with my Bitcoins in the past when I lost my 2FA device.

No, for now (before mainnet launch), Phala is an ERC20 token, you should choose an wallet support ecr20 token.