Ask Phala anything about Kusama slot auction

Hi Phamily:

Due to time issues, there are some questions in the AMA live haven’t been answered yet (whether collected in advance or on-site)

We will sort out the user’s questions posting here and reply in turn.

Of course you can ask any new questions.

This post will keep open during the Kusama slot auction :grinning:


Thanks for all the great work! I’m curios about the NFT’s and was wondering how to claim the Early Bird Honor Gem or is it not yet distributed?

Hi the early birds NFT will distributed to your ksm contribution account directly, they are haven’t be disted yet.

Hi lucia,

Congratulations for winning the 4th kusama slot auction! I contributed directly through the polkadot.js extension and my Kusama Relay Chain account (not “any chain account”).

Question: Is there anything specific I have to take care of to make sure that the reception of the PHA-rewards for my contribution will work properly?

Sorry for this “beginner’s question”!


Hi, thank you for your support! Actually, you need to do nothing about the rewards, we’ll send the rewards to your Khala account(shared the same private key with KSM account)

Thank you, Lucia!

Hi i have the same Question. Please advise

Is there any tutorial on how to acces the my khala account with the key of my kusama account?
Thank you

Please check here: