💡 Phala Thought Leader Tournament



Phala Network aims to be an innovative cloud computing platform for the future with a strong focus on privacy. We believe that a vibrant community is key to reach this ambitious goal and we want to help content creators benefit from their valuable work.

We are proud to announce our new “Phala Thought Leader Tournament’’ program for community members who create high-quality content about Phala. In this program, you can become a leader for the Phamily and benefit from attractive incentives. The program offers both financial incentives and non-financial NFTs which can be redeemed for awesome perks. On top of that, the best content creator can gain a coveted seat in the Phala Council, which is rewarded in PHA on a monthly basis. In order to find the best content creators, there will be an ongoing tournament governed by the whole Phala community and the Council.

The Tournament

Generally, a tournament is a great way to determine the best content creators and award the final prize of a seat on the council representing the community. Along the way in the tournament, attractive financial and non-financial rewards can be won. A Tournament lasts for 6 months and consists of a qualification phase and three 2-month evaluation cycles. After a tournament ends, a new one starts with a fresh qualification phase (previous candidates can re-apply). During the tournament, the contestants want to earn as many points as possible.

The structure of the tournament is as follows:

Qualification Phase

In order to qualify, each candidate hands in an application with some of their previous accomplishments (e.g., followers on social media platforms and content about Phala created). From those community members, the council elects the six most promising, who then enter the tournament as contestants. (In the future, the qualification process will be further democratized and involve the Phala community.)

You can submit your posts, comments, videos, threads or any other piece of content you like for qualification. There are no firm rules, the key is educational quality or impact.

Every contestant in the tournament will receive a special “Phamily Thought Leader NFT”, which offers a steady daily income of PHA tokens. Only participants enrolled in an active tournament can hold this NFT and dropping out of the tournament means losing that NFT — at most 6 can exist at any time. If a contestant drops, their NFT is burned and no longer accrues PHA.

Competition Phase

The tournament is separated into three 2-month competition phases where our thought leaders have the time to grow their community, create content and engage in public discussions. At the end of each 2-month phase, their work will be evaluated by the council and the community and each contestant can earn Thought Leader Points (TLP). Points are awarded in two main categories:

Objective Value Measures: Those include objectively measurable metrics such as the numbers of followers across social media accounts and the number of views on specific types of content. To encourage and reward newcomers, we’ll also consider how much those metrics increased relative to the last evaluation (either the qualification or the latest evaluation phase).

Content Value Measures: In this category, the community and the council vote on the quality of the content created by the contestants. There will be several different categories, each announced in advance, where contestants can apply their content. Example categories might be “best beginner educational resource” or “most creative content.” Depending on the relative ranking, points will be awarded to each contestant.

We will release the evaluation system with details on point scoring for community approval prior to the start of the tournament.

NFT-Milestones: In addition to TPs, we will award special NFTs for reaching milestones during the tournament. Those can be redeemed for Phala Merch, personal calls to the dev team, and even a trip to Phala Headquarters in Beijing.

Final Phase

At the end of the tournament, all TLPs are converted to PHA tokens at a fixed rate (which will be announced at the beginning of the tournament). In addition, the leading contestant is awarded with a Council seat for 6 months, which itself will be financially rewarded. After the tournament ends, the next qualification phase starts and the same process begins, where a new community thought leader may emerge to challenge for the Council seat. Note: previous contestants can be part of a subsequent tournament if they make it through the qualification phase.

How can I join?

The qualification phase for the first tournament starts TODAY and you can start building your community and create educational content about Phala. Please note that the quality and thoughtful impact of the content is as important in getting points as engagement stats and number of followers. So if you currently have a small following, don’t be discouraged — you still have good chances of becoming a thought leader if you have good content.

The first tournament will start in late June/early July — exact qualification deadlines will be announced 2 weeks in advance. We’ll soon post an application form to submit your qualification entries — e.g. links to blog posts, Twitter threads, tutorial videos and other educational resources.

Our content creators are free to use any platform and content format they wish: Medium, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Youtube, Reddit, TikTok, 4chan, Clubhouse, etc. The main goals are to create valuable content that educates people about the promise of Phala and what we are building, and engage with other users of these platforms in a way that makes an impact and contributes to the quality of discussions involving Phala.

Registration link: https://a195grjc2x9.typeform.com/to/sdbg3yL3


Some details of the incentive program are not yet finalized and are subject to change. The final version will be published well before the start of the first tournament. Note, that the Phala team reserves the right to change details of the tournament and also can expel users from the tournament for violating tournament rules.