[ Feedback Needed ] Collecting Suggestions on Phala App

We would like to improve user experience of Phala App, include Bridge, Delegate, Mining, as well as other operational requirements. If you have any constructive feedback and suggestions on our current product, please reply to this post or click the “like” bottom on the comments you also agree to. Phala product managers will reply to your post in a timely manner and try our best to optimize and develop in the future. Thank you for your support of the Phala community!









  1. 当前为 Phala App 早期版本,开发团队想尝试些不一样的设计风格,所以的确会不符用户习惯。但我们之后也会逐渐去找到风格化与易用性之间的平衡;
  2. 现在设计中的字号整体都有些问题,会在近期完善;
  3. 短期内,连接以太坊钱包是为了展示 ERC-20 PHA(已于几小时前上线)和以太坊到 Khala 的双向桥。

Thank you for your message~

  1. The current version is an early version of Phala App. The development team wants to try some different design styles, so it does not conform to user habits. But we will gradually find the balance between stylization and ease of use in the future;
  2. The font size in the design now has some problems as a whole and will be improved in the near future;
  3. In the short term, the Ethereum wallet is connected to show the ERC-20 PHA (already go online a few hours ago) and the two-way bridge from Ethereum to Khala.

Couples of suggestions though on the delegation page:

  • could you include filters that allow selecting only pools that fall I to a certain range of

i) APR (E.g. only show pools with APR between 50%-100%)

ii) commission

iii) remaining available space in the pool?

  • is it possible to get an estimate of the APR impact when you add COINS to the pool?

I had experienced pretty big drops so it would be nice to know what to expect…

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  1. Suggest add 3 filters:
  • remain not 0
  • remain not infinity
  • commission not 100%
  • pools with brand
  1. Add an icon like :skull: for those pools always change commission
  2. Predict the impact on % given the number of stake people put in, like in the window you insert how much you stake you can say “impact on APR, -10%”
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Input how much you’d like to stake, and show pools best for you, which means:

  1. remain > amount you want to stake
  2. estimated APR considering the impact of your stake

Good point, has been included in the demand pool

Could you add a timer that indicates when Withdrawn PHALA COINS will be available in my WALLET?
It was said that they should be available between 7-14 days after withdrawing, but I have initiated the withdrawal approximately 10 days ago, and not knowing if / when the COINS will be available is very discomforting.