Promotional Game Project - Take Part In The Brainstorm !

Hello everyone !

I would like to share with you an idea I had a few days ago, to get as much feedback as possible. Thank you for your time, your thoughts are welcome !

TL;DR : This project aims to promote Phala and its capabilities by giving people a fun way to interact with the network.
In the game, players can create and give each other bombs, whose timers are confidential. If you
have the bomb when the clock hits 0, you blow up (ie, you loose).

Key components of the game

Clocks/Timers Privacy
The key piece in the game is the confidentiality of the timer. Users must not be able to access it. To
achieve this, one can encrypt the timer using a simple hashing function combined with the
transaction id. The goal here is to prevent humans from having casual access to the information (ie
pretending they don’t, since this project goal is educational, not to get headaches from cryptology
challenges and gas optimization). The point is that if we assume that sensitive or proprietary data
cannot be accessed, Phala’s processing also protects it.

Phala Confidential Computing
Phala Network protects the timer from being exposed, while ensuring the integrity of the processing.

User Friendly Interface
To help people interact with the network and participate in the game, as well as perform actions, a
simple UI as a website would do the trick. It would help people engage with the game, rather than
having them using a rather complex UI (as is for the unaccustomed)

Potential Side objectives

Using this project to build a community around Phala
The project could be developed open source and showcased during events (dedicated streams or

Promoting Polkadot/Kusama’s interoperability
The project could be developed using Moonbeam or Astar and ran on Phala Network.

Avenues of reflection

Bombs timers
Would it be overly expensive to achieve a solid protection of the bomb timers ?

Your ideas !

Emerodh, Phala Ambassador


Nice idea. I’m personally working on some sample game on Phala atm.
Sadly atm it is not possible to deploy custom contracts. It has to be integrated into official runtime and next it has to be updated by miners.
This requires approvement of team which (I believe) at current stage don’t have time :stuck_out_tongue:
I see it possible to run developer chain but that is not so nice :/

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