[ Solved ] Not received NFT Rewards.

Hi there,

This is my last attempt at reaching for support considering how poor your support groups are.

I staked 1 KSM to Phala for crowdload. I should have received NFT rewards as promised by Phala. I checked the google spreadsheet but it doesn’t have my address in it. There are other people too who have taking this concern to admins, but one seems to care in both discord and twitter.

So, I request you to please sort this out for everyone who hasn’t received their NFT rewards. We are your early supporters and seeing such poor team and support, it’s so disappointing.

Hello friend,

Thanks for your support. Khala has released all NFT of crowdloan to supporters. And all users who met the same issue received their NFT rewards as well before 8/30.

Can I ask which platform you used to attend Khala crowdloan? And we promised all supporters who used the decentralized platform would get theirs. If you didn’t receive it, please provide your KSM address here, then we will ask the dev. team to double-check what happened.

Thank you for answering.

I used phala app to stake the tokens. One of the admin in discord group addressed our concern just recently. They said that people who staked 1 KSM actually staked 0.9999 KSM because of gas fees and so their name wasn’t in google spreadsheets. Admin said, team has decided to provide NFT to such people and they are working on it.

Still, if you can help here is my KSM address CugjPzMqU2RCjWrKjd4j2FuE88fGxm1mRs2XD1ywTKw5LnK.