Para-2 testnet is now live!How to update your worker from Para-1 to Para-2?

Para-2 testnet is now live! We’ve fixed most problems from Para-1 and we’re (theoretically) more stable . If your worker has joined para1 testnet , you can follow this page to update it to para2 testnet.

  1. You need to clean all node & pruntime data , follow this command:
    sudo phala update clean

  2. Follow this command to uninstall your phala mining scripts:

    sudo phala uninstall
    sudo rm -R ~/solo-mining-scripts-para1
    sudo rm -R ~/solo-mining-scripts-main
    sudo rm ~/
    sudo rm ~/

  3. You can follow this page to redownload and reinstall new phala mining scripts :

  4. How to check your scripts are latest?
    Use this command to check:
    sudo phala config show

If it shows you “NODE_IMAGE=phalanetwork/khala-pt2-node” , your scripts were update successed.

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For the English Version:

Also I had to reset by BIOS settings again after doing an uninstall - im not sure if that is normal :S

not need reset bios setting, just reinstall Phala scripts

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