PRB Q&A Thread

PRB Q&A Thread
If have any question with PRB , you can discuss here.

Related Issues:

In my case PRB frequently has connection problem when trying to reach workers - this makes worker to get ERROR status and it will not run until restart of lifecycle component.

So I restart it but before full sync it gets error again so I again have to restart.
After few times of restarting some other worker starts synchronizing from the beginning (without a reason - maybe db record gets corrupted?).

That is mainly stopping me from using PRB. It happens even I only run only 5 workers. In entire farm I have 50โ€ฆ

It is worth noting that pherry doesnโ€™t have such issues. It synchronize slowly but stable.
At current state PRB in my case would need to have auto restart option.

Now we know a few guys running PRB in prod. The latest version should be much better. Now the biggest known issue is transaction submission. Sometimes it can be stuck at sync_offchain_message call and thus all the workers will keep Unresponsive, until a restart is performed.

True, after last release PRB is a much more stable.

Please post PRB instructions, they have been removed from the Phala Wiki, particularly any of the docker commands:

Links such as this no longer go to relevant content.