Correct the incorrectly formatted address on the conversion bridge and resend invalid transactions(vote)

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Dear friends,I input 0x797e1bC2E77aC9F9adE136506a8fF8B9A67aF238 as my kphala Receiving address because of careless,and the transfer is successful.According to the principle of blockchain bridge. The coin is in offcial account now and have not send to any others.
I hope the holder of official bridge address could transfer my coin to the correct kphala Address: 44nhLC57TtfApKwg8Yg4TiNf9WcnNybwcbrfxinJxTkRmnRJ

Thank for your Patient reading.
It is better if The official can add address format detection function to the conversion bridge

It’s my pleasure to Received reply from @ hangyin
and I hope you could support me by voting for me.