Tips for the community contributions

Mining was just launched a few days ago, and we have already seen the global miner community is in a rapid growth! People don’t only volunteer to help each other on setting up the miner, but also even spend their own pocket on helping the network. For example, the community member Telegram: Contact @masternodeh in or miner telegram group have bought professional seedbox service to boost the Khala blockchain snapshot torrent file (300G big!).

IMO the best part of a truly decentralized project lies in the community. Because of the contributions coming from people, we can sustain the open project without relying on any centralized party. Therefore the contribution must be sustainable as well.

Treasury Tip is a great way to support daily contributions. It’s encouraged to submit a tip proposal to give some bonus from the treasury to anyone who added value to the project, by anyone. The Treasury Tip feature is implemented by the Tip pallet, and I propose to add it to Khala by a runtime upgrade in the near future.

ATM, even without the tip feature, I’d also suggest the community to nominate the contributors here. It can be yourself, or anyone you saw who have contributed in any way. Just post in this thread, and I’m going to propose the tip if the Tip runtime upgrade is live.

Suggests are also welcome!