Motion #5: Resubmit tokenomic parameters

In this motion, we are going to correct a problem by re-submitting the tokenmoic parameters as we proposed in Motion 3.

In the last batch of the motions, we have submitted an updated tokenomic parameters, namely extending the heartbeat challenge window from 10 to 20, and remove the slash rate.

However it turned out the tokenmoic parameters were not applied. We submitted the update transaction and the genesis gatekeeper launch transaction in the same batch. However, in the implementation of GK, all the tokenomic changes are ignored before the genesis GK finished the launch process (a few blocks after the launch transaction got included).

As a result, our first tokenomic update transaction was not applied, and we have already seen miners got slashed (causing reduced V) like what shown in this Github issue. A resubmit should fix it:

Encoded call:

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