FeedBack or Request channel between Pool owner and Delegator

Hi this is Kyle who is newly joined Phala & Khala network Korea channel as an ambassdor.

Some of channel members raised new feature enhancement request which is communication channel between owner and delegator.

Many of guys are building Khala node due to Rhee’s spread out. Some of guys already succeed to build and started mining.

As follow the official document, the Worker cooling time is 7 days and the PHAs are locked in Releasing stake and also it is looks cheating if owner change the commission rate after take delegation even if the owner has a resonable issue.

We know the owner can set their email or IM if the owner get verrification of On-chain Identity.
but some of case, staker’s asset locked in releasing stake for up to 14days when staker try to withdraw their asset which is not enough free balance pool.

So can we provide this feature for prevent unexpected freezing asset situation for good Delegator?

For examples some scenarios…

  • From Delegator - “Hey Mr. Owner, I would like withdraw my assets but, your Free Delegation remains not enough to refund to me. Can you adjusment your balance soon? Thanks.”
  • From Owner - "Hey Mr. Delegator, Can I change the commission rate up to 5% more due to cost issues? please reply me if you agree with that.

Thanks in advanced and hope your positive consider.


Hi, Kyle. I love your idea!
Just to confirm:
So you mean, we need an additional messenger within our app.phala for delegators and pool-owners to communicate?

How would you want it to be implemented within the platform? or from polkadot.js?

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Have no idea yet how to implement. Might be have to consider many things for keep decentralized echo systems. I will raise later if any idea. :slight_smile:


coool, hopefully developers from team or product owner can see this necessity​:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, Kyle. Thank you for this proposal-!
For me, I totally agree with the rationale of this proposal. As one of the pool-owners, it would be awesome and even transparent if the pool-owner have a communication channel to his/her delegators. :blush:

great idea, in the meantime, here are the pools that have suspicious behavior: 🤬🤬 Report bad stakepools! 💀💀