Motion #6: Open Khala Transfer and Bridge to Ethereum

Proposal Overview

This proposal below is initiated for the community referendum. The proposal itself does not contain any specific runtime_update.

  • Open Khala Transfer
  • Launch Khala-Ethereum bridge for $PHA transfer

If the community’s opinion is “AYE“, then the proposal will be successfully passed. Khala Council will implement two fast_track proposal separately:

  • Motion A : on this proposal take effect Day 0, use runtime_update to open Khala transfer
  • Motion B: on this proposal take effect Day +5 , use runtime_update to launch Khala-Ethererum bridge

On-chain Info

The proposal 0xd1229f749b7633ba995b70f26886be0bdc9c6563e21a2ce2002991c9bae9830a is now available on the Polkadot.js app:

Vote here:

There will be a 7-day Voting Period and 3-hour Enactment Period before execution. To learn more about how to participate in our democratic structures please read:

  • Preimage: 0xd1229f749b7633ba995b70f26886be0bdc9c6563e21a2ce2002991c9bae9830a
  • Proposal Hash: 0xd1229f749b7633ba995b70f26886be0bdc9c6563e21a2ce2002991c9bae9830a