Stake releasing for withdraw request

I have concern about withdrawing stake from pool.
Let say someone requested withdrawal from my pool.
I don’t have funds to delegate and fullfit his request only option
I have is to stop miner - but after that funds are not free - they are in releasing state (for 7 days)
So still I will not have funds on time and all my workers will be stopped.

Is that intended?
Or am I missing something?

I have read about that 1 Secure Worker Mining and Staking | Phala Network Wiki

The Owner of the StakePool should take care of the Free Delegation, and introduce extra delegation or reduce mining Workers as needed. Or all the Workers in the pool can be forced to stop mining;

but from my observation after I stopped worker funds are not free.

If that is true it creates opportunity to attack pool. Bad actor could stake a lot to pool - wait for his funds been used in mining and request total amount withdraw making entire pool to stop mining after while

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Tokens in releasing state also count for withdraw.
For example, you stop a miner 1 day later, the guy will get all his token after 1+7 days.

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Ouu that changes a lot. I thought it counts only free amount.
Did you test that?
Cuz it is not directly written in docs

One of officials replies me in Chinese channel.

Code is here

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That is kind of answer I like. Source of truth - code.

hello.I still don’t understand this question, can you teach me?

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