Referendum on the stolen assets freeze bill

Hello, community leaders!
Hello, community leaders,
I’m a teacher. Eager to get your attention and help!
As the title suggests, I was robbed. I’m really sorry to take up public resources. One year ago, I was very lucky to participate in phala network test and I also got a hard-won reward of 15,000Khala during the growth together with Phala. But now I can’t sleep all night. I know this has something to do with the mnemonic leak that may have occurred during my accidental community test exchange, but I wish I could get more support and help to make the Villains fail! Move to freeze stolen assets!

So if possible, I ask for a referendum:

Permanently freeze their stolen assets!
Account theft is: 41 uqxayg7r3ztktfmjdhkdjoppqmpxyzwsv61xnf8xhzys1c
Preplan hash:

My theft details and evidence of stolen accounts are in the following files

Request community referendum on stolen Khala account assets!

You can comment on this document to raise questions (if necessary, I will do my best to provide the required information to send to you!

Once again - sorry for your lose.
However I hope council will not run referendum for that.

  1. It is impossible to proof funds were stolen.
  2. There should be no changing things like balances

Just example
Why I don’t like for example USDT?
Because there is option to lock users fund.

等你什么时候,自己账户被盗了 。我会很乐意为你点赞的。到那时我会更深刻理解你的心情。

Yeap I thought about that.
That could be painful I hope this will not happen.
But… from current perspective I hope noone would try to help me that way.

I would be willing to send you some funds rather than touching blockchain.