Request for community support for proposals to recover stolen assets

Dear community friends,

Everybody is good! I’m a big fan of PHALA. In PHALA miners exchange group 1, the wechat name is “Qingdao Jinbiyuan Flour and Auxiliary Materials”. I have been a big fan of PHALA since the beginning of the project, and bought the machines to win 4,322.9432 PHAs in the early campaign and PHALA Vendetta’s first, second and second contests. The PHALA coins obtained were transferred to my official account on July 22, 2021 for 4322.9432. The account address name: 44PbiM3TGLNAtA9kFEaivtvPFsQ9QiYnAi1cj84UfJoT6qws. This can be found in the official form of Phala Vendetta’s campaign. Unfortunately, 4,241.759 PHAS in my account were transferred and stolen by an unknown person at 6:56 on September 17, 2021. To address is: 41QAt5PaqU3KKuTjjYnxDJkGVg1NGoM1rsggTXc4T9LzzkS8. Transaction Hash:0x786706496bfb8174b4e9a3a37080a854e412a0a9826b535d6aebec3220bf75d9.
Proof of my PHA’s legitimate source can be found at the official link below.
Exhibit A,The 1605 competition and the Vendetta incentive program
Exhibit B,Khala Crowdloan and Vendetta Test Network awards issued and open for enquiries
I hope with the help of the community through a referendum proposal: the theft of account is as follows: 41QAt5PaqU3KKuTjjYnxDJkGVg1NGoM1rsggTXc4T9LzzkS8. To return my assets to the new address, 41zUCsM4v9GqS3mpRmWZgE3tGseVKubHrRfJme5UuEswt9Wi (old address has already been leaked risk again stolen private key).
preimage hash:0xbce84199c779cd2228fad584311e80046c189d374bb831444690e511d27a8781。
Welcome the community leaders for my justice, do not let the thief this means of criminal success, promote justice. Give PHALA a clean space. Thank you very much!