ANN | 🚀 Khala Network transfer function open!!! 🚀

Khala network has reached block height #522,500, officially opening the Khala network transfer function. Free transfer of assets between accounts on Khala network is enabled now.

:point_right: You will be able to receive crowdloan rewards through the vest module (vesting/vest) and transfer freely;

:point_right: One shot function was disabled;

:point_right: Please restart pherry/prb immediately after block height #522,500 and ensure that Khala node has been upgraded to v0.1.5, otherwise an Unresponsive error may occur!!!

Next, Khala network will also initiate a new proposal to enable the Khala-Ethereum Bridge.

Bridge chat channel: Discord Phala Bridge Channel

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does this enable crowdloan rewards to be issued by CEX? is this what they have been waiting for? thanks

Yes, they could transfer the rewards in Khala account