Withdraw(pid, shares) Issue

Hi! Need your help with a withdraw(pid, shares) issue.
Did 1000pha contribute(pid, amount) to 703, afterthen they changed commission to100%, for sure I did a withdraw(pid, shares) of 1000pha, for several days 1000pha was listed in UI as “your withdrawing”, today it change to 0 but I never received back those 1000pha.

Also having another contribute and withdraw 5000pha with 573 but there “your withdrawing” value is given there. Don´t know when I will get back. (14days not ended yet)

Thanks for your help in advance!

same issue with 745 for 2000pha

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thanks for you answer but we can´t access pha from 3 Pools. Don´t know how to claim that pha anymore, those pha is also not given as pool delegation anymore. It´s somewhere blocked in the space…
Did all the steps to claim pha from those pools, which we already done before from other pools. There must be still some bug.

7kpha are not showing up anymore in stake pools balance.
stakeLedger(AccountId): Option
so are these 7kpha lost for me?
they are also not listed in any queue list.
And what it means for my other Pools, can´t withdraw without loosing my pha?
makes no sence then.

Problem solved, cleared democracy lockup and now all pha showing up again. good.
but there is a bug there

What bug you meet?

bug bounty? haha!?
I cancelled my democracy vote (after lockup time) and my missed 7kpha appeared again. (those 7kpha were locked somewhere in pools).

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