🎁 Good community contributor bounty

Dear Phamily!

Khala Secure Mining has been launched for nearly 3 weeks now and miners have joined the Phala community increasingly. They have become the first batch of computing power in Khala.

Everything is moving super fast here!

Khala Network is the canary network of Phala, We are experiencing rapid iteration and rapid network upgrade. It’s full of creation, crazy mind and embrace of chaos! Khala has ushered in 13,000+ nodes! Total Delegated reached 63,394,944 PHA, 8 motions has been raised.

In Phala community, there are so many great builders who have made outstanding contributions, and each of them has a pivotal position in the community. We are very happy to see more and more valuable and helpful topics being discussed in the community. When new users join Phala community, the right guidance will greatly help them adapt to the Phala community. For instance, when the network is about to upgrade and adjust, timely reminders will solve many issues and concerns among members. Sharing experiences among the community will help more members become a Phala node successfully.

Therefore, we hope to reward these community members who are active, willing to share, and willing to educate.

We will reward community members who have the following characteristics in the past month with community builder bounty:

- Members who are willing to help other members solve problems
- Members who are willing to share their experiences with other members
- Members who propose solutions beyond the team
- Members who propose valuable topics to trigger community discussions
- Members who made valuable comments
- The fastest growing community’s ambassador

Based on the above characteristics, we will reward the following five community members:

Name Reason Supplement                    Bounty
@l00k Special Contribution Award for miner community - The most active users in Discord, LEVEL22
- Volunteered to give miners deployment support
- Gave effective feedback on technology and products
- Actively participated in community governance
1000 PHA
@Cappex Responsible community moderator, active in Phala miners’ TG group, Discord and Forum - Very helpful to the miner community
- Discord active NO.6, LEVEL11
200 PHA
@RHEE The ambassador of the fastest growing Phala community (Korean Community) - Got a fast growth by 400 users within one month
- Monthly activity exceeded 24%
- Host an English community AMA
200 PHA
@zozyo Volunteered to provide miners with deployment support - Helped miners in CN community
- Made a node update post
100 PHA
@stive Put forward some valuable questions, sparking a valuable conversation conversation review 100 PHA

Thanks for all the builders! Hope to meet more outstanding builders here!


Ouu I didn’t expect that.
Really nice that you appreciate my contribution into community growth.
Thank you :slight_smile:


thank you, I’m really happy to be part of the Phamily :heart:


Well done guys!

Wow, thank you Lucia.
Looking forward to learning more new updates from Phala project :innocent:

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:innocent: :heart: thanks

Hi, lucia! Where can I claim this btw? =]

Hey guys @l00k @zozyo @Cappex @RHEE @stive , as Khala Treasury launch, we’d love to sent the rewards from the Khala treasury which it’s an exciting progress for Phala governance! It will be the transaction on Khala chain, so would you please send me one Khala account?

You can send address to TG @lucia5544 or Discord @Lucia | Phala, thanks a lot!


Sent =] Thank you.

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I still did not get anything…

About the code bounty, it has been proposed a tip onchain and succeed tipped by councillors, once the close time is over, the bounty will be sent to you, be patient please. You can check the tip onchain here Polkadot/Substrate Portal