Transfering pha tokens to address

Hi there. My question is rather simple. Is there any possibility to transfer pha tokens other way than ethereum bridge? On ex via BSC bep-20 peg phala. Thanks for your efforts. I have read all pages of customer wiki on phala.

To get K-PHA you have the following ways:

  1. use the ERC20 PHA → KPHA bridge (paying fees on the ethereum network)
  2. buy KPHA directly from Kraken

NB: if you want to convert ERC20 PHA to KPHA without using the bridge, you can evaluate the deposit of ERC20 PHA on Binance (or other CEX but not Kraken), then sell it for usdt, then withdrawal to Kraken, and then buy KPHA and withdrawal to your polkadot.js (obviously there are commissions in every step and it is not necessarily a cheaper solution than using the brige)

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Tried to do some research and it seems there is no kpha listed on kraken, or do I miss something? (Despite of the above its probably not the best idea as we’ve speak)

Kraken has listed KPHA, the only exchange for now to support the substrate version