Issue with withdrawal request

Hello! I have problem with unstaking on Phala App.

PID of pool in which I’m delegate - 906. After few days tried to withdraw my stake, sent few tx, sum on “Your Withdrawing” has been x2 of my request, now x1 (so should I wait x2 more time? 28 days?).
Requested withdraw more than 14 days ago (more than 100800 blocks) and tokens still locked.

On explorer of pool owner I can see that he removed worker after my withdrawal request (then added and removed again).

reclaimPoolWorker(pid, worker) > phalaMining.CoolDownNotReady (after 14 days I must wait 7 more days?)
phalaStakePool.backfillIssue500Reclaim > BadOrigin (if this is my case, then I have no authority as I see on github)

What should I do?

I think you have to wait, you read here: Why my funds is still "releasing" after 7 / 14 days?