10/13 NETWORK UPDATE - solution of ‘Pherry can’t start with Metadata error’


⁃ After the upgrade of Kusama yesterday, Pherry can’t start with Metadata error (does not affect Pherry that’s running)


- Solo miners: The running miners are not affected, but if one starts Pherry, it will crash. The monitor in solo mining script is also broken due to the same reason.
- Gatekeeper: Same as solo miners because it uses Pherry.

Tracking Issue

- phala (Phala Ramonyai) · GitHub
- Network/phala-blockchain/issues/529


⁃ Kusama upgraded to 0.9.11, which upgraded the Metadata version from v13 to v14. The v14 metadata is a major update, and it’s not supported by the old polkadot.js and the current subxt.
- Pherry uses subxt to connect to the substrate node and fetches the latest metadata from the blockchain. However it doesn’t understand v14, and thus it fails at start.
- The solo mining script uses an older version of polkadot.js library, which doesn’t understand metadata v14.


[ Tutorial ] 10/14 solve pherry can not start with Metadata error

Step 1: Update the latest docker image of Pherry

sudo docker stop phala-pherry
sudo docker rm phala-pherry
sudo docker pull phalanetwork/phala-pherry:latest
sudo phala start
sudo docker system prune

Step 2: Update console.js to fix status

sudo rm /opt/phala/console.js
sudo wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Phala-Network/solo-mining-scripts/main/console.js -O /opt/phala/console.js
sudo phala status

Step 3: Restart Pherry to complete the on-chain upgrade for opening the ERC20<->Khala bridge:

Please execute as follow:

sudo docker restart phala-pherry

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