Share|How to find a good staking pool?

If you have experience in choosing a good staking pool, welcome to share it here!

My experience is that first, check the four filter conditions on the top of page, and then check the APR of the pool. A higher APR means a higher return. Then check the free delegation, which means whether you can get the tokens immediately when you release the stake, of course this amount will change in real time.

Always watch out the BAD BEHAVIOR like 🤬🤬 Report bad stakepools! 💀💀

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I can definitely recommend the Italian pools:
PID 223 - @Gregorst
PID 912 - @Pigro85
PID 1092 - @SpacelessTuna
PID 1299 - @zaketac
Italians do it better :joy:


I would argue with argument about free delegation.
It makes APR drop as that part of staked funds doesn’t increase total pool V.
In other words that part of funds leech rewards from funds staked in workers