Rewards disappeared from my balance

I was moving some PHA from one stake pool to another, and suddenly my rewards that were already claimed disappeared from my total balance. In other words the balance that is in the sideways box on the left went down for some reason?! Does anyone know what happened and can I get them back?


Hey @CoachPA , don’t panic, you can check in Subscan of all your transaction and balance in your Khala account Subscan | Substrate based blockchain explorer. Please check first.

Thanks for getting back to me and for the link. That is what confuses me however. If you add up all the transfers that have gone into my account it does NOT equal the number that my balance shows. It was during the transfers 2 days ago when I noticed the balance change (a subtraction of around 10 pha). Am I missing something?

Please click “view all” in the right hand page

Yes, I have looked at all the transfers. I even downloaded the excel file.
Please go in and add up the 31 transfers for yourself. It does not equal my balance

If you mean there are 0.x PHA’s difference, I have to say there is some gas fee when you claim rewards or make transactions

NO, I mean there is a difference of almost pha. I also saw my balance go down by these 10 when I was working with the page 2 days ago. I thought it was very strange then, but have waited to see if the chain made a mistake and needed to resynch. Add up all my transfers and see for yourself. Here is a screenshot from the excel file provided by subscan.

Screenshot (8)_LI|423x500

Have you gotten a chance to look more at this? Am I missing something? I don’t understand why almost 10 PHA would suddenly disappear

Any update on my missing PHA? It’s been a couple weeks now

Hey @CoachPA , if you open one transaction details in Subscan, you will see there is a transaction fee there, I think you should accumulate whether the total fee is equal to the money you thought disappeared :) Although one transaction fee is very low, but you did do a lots claim and contribute actions…

I’ve done 80 different transactions. If each one has a transaction fee of 0.0016 PHA then that adds up to a total of ~0.128 PHA in transaction fees. I lost about 10 PHA and they disappeared from my account all of a sudden, NOT gradually over time. I urge you to again go and add up my transfers from the excel sheet provided by Subscan. The total is 2599.266, while my account balance is 2589.6

It’s only 10 PHA, not the end of the world…but something weird happened. Those of you who work with this might want to make sure this does not happen regularly.

There is another situation that I’ve confirm with team, your delegation was through a slash, which means your delegate pools have some bad behavior and were punished by slash. But you don’t need to worry about it, if your delegation is slashed , we will send them back to you at a time :)