How to proposal a tip proposal in Phala community

Tips is for small amount of token rewards, usually under 5000PHA (smaller than treasury proposal)

If you have done something cool and good for Phala/Khala community, or you find somebody else have done these things, you can apply a rewards from Khala treasury called “tip”.

Tips can be suggested by anyone holding PHA and are endorsed by Council members. Tips do not have any fixed value: The final value is decided based on the median of all tips issued by the councilors.

When you are going to apply for a tip, please follow this steps:

First, please write a tip proposal in Phala forum treasury section about what is the tip about, what is your results, how much is you contribution paid by you: Treasury - Phala Community

Second, create a tip proposal on-chain, the title must contain one sentence of your contribution and your forum post’s link.

Third, announce your proposal in Discord #proposal chan letting community know something you dong. If you want, please inform Lucia (TG:@lucia5544) that you have a new tip proposal :)

Fourth(optional), find your proposal in Subsquare and edit the proposal content there.

That’ s all you have to do, very simple! Have a nice trip!


A tip will enter a closing phase when more than a half plus one of the tipping group have endorsed a tip. During that timeframe, the other members of the tipping group can still issue their tips, but do not have to. Once the window closes, anyone can call the close_tip extrinsic, and the tip will be paid out.

When a tip is tipped by tippers successfully, there will be a closing phase, after closing phase, anyone can call the close_tip extrinsic, and the tip will be paid out.

You can find one tip’s hash in Subsquare’s tip page, for example:

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