Tip proposal: Reimbursement: Phala Meetup Germany Düsseldorf 02.11.2021

Hey Phamily,

I am a Global Ambassador for the German Community and in that regard, I organized and held a meet-up event for the local German community.

The proposed meet up was held and organized like the following:

Phala Network Meetup Organization:
-First, a presentation about Phala network. ~10-15 minutes
-Introductions of the audience ~ 30 minute
-Small Q&A 5-10 minutes
-Talking round about Polkadot/Kusama and other projects surrounding Phala/Polkadot/Kusama
-wrap up and clean up
It went for around 3 hours with preparations and cleaning up.

Preparations are catering foods, drinks, and the technical stuff, like setting up the beamer and laptop, etc.

Location of the event was in Düsseldorf in Medienhafen: Speditionstraße 15A, 40221 Düsseldorf.
It’s easy to reach by public transportation and a limited number of parking possibilities is available.
The company for the rental is STARTPLATZ Düsseldorf GmbH and is charging 65€/h and optional costs will be added
The cost for the Location was €260 and additionally €40 for snacks etc. which brings the cost and proposed funding to around 300€ ~ 530 PHA ± for the meetup.

A full article about the post-event and pictures about it, I will post in the upcoming days.

Thank you very much.


Hi @Knacker65 , tippers have already tip for your proposal successfully! Thanks for the upgrade of guess number game! More details you can check in:

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