Web3 Analytics - Can it really compete?

Hi guys,

I’m new to the Phala community and very excited about what this project is trying to do. I am particularly excited about the web3 analytics product, as I work in Web Analytics and spend most of my time implementing website and app tracking, and using Google Analytics.

Am I correct that private and secure cloud computing and fat contracts are the main focus of this network? Is web3 analytics a priority/is there a roadmap or goal date for an MVP?

I would like to understand, as both a user and a developer, what the SDK will allow you to track on your websites. It’s important to have the capability to implement bespoke tracking, as well as other critical functionalities such as bot filtering and predictive analytics to fill in the gaps.

Will Web3 require cookies or use something else to store client data across sessions?

Apologies, I am a blockchain noobie but web analytics expert so really interested to understand more.


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hello and welcome,
interesting questions, I suggest you start here: Phala Network Wiki
This video: What is Phala Network? - YouTube