Motion #15 (#14): Runtime upgrade to fix issue 527 (fixed point precision) and prep for issue 500 (locked stake) fix

This Motion brings an external proposal to Democracy. The council and the technical committee will jointly put a on-chain runtime upgrade v1080.

The new runtime version 1080 mainly addresses the fixed point precision problem that preventing the reconciliation of issue 500. Once the upgrade is done, I will make another motion to trigger the issue 500 fix on the blockchain.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

The Upgrade

Oops, Motion 14 was not successfully executed because I’ve incorrectly execute ParachainSystem.authorizeUpdate() by a Motion directly. I intended to create a Democracy proposal and propose a Motion to speed up it.

Therefore I’m preparing Motion 15 again with the correct configuration:

  1. democracy.note_preimate: Subscan | Substrate based blockchain explorer
    • encoded_proposal: 15032b020a8495507d85ac06b1b37d2d3c149ebe6ae5c544f92780f10b58eaee3afc
    • preimage hash: 0xa7b6178ef0534a7de9e6e96614f78d39ce8bdcecc7f425aadd69b197d143bac6
  2. Create Motion 15 with the call democracy.external_propose_majority