Tip proposal: Reimbursement: Created 10 printed T-Shirts

Hello ₱hamily,

I ordered PhalaNetwork 10 Tshirts to give away at the AMA live event I organised for Polkadot Francophonie on November 24.

AMA was fun and 50 people saw it in the first 24 hours on twitch.
Thanks to @BlackStoneSheperd for joining me for the second part of the live and to @lucia for her help in the preparation.
some photos of the AMA
I started with an icebreaker about privacy:

here me with @daviSchmitz (HeadAmb Polkadot) and @bld(Astar Amb&devOps)

The replay will remain available on YT here: 1H avec un Ambassadeur - Phala - Part1 - YouTube

For this event, I bought 10 “phala-network” printed t-shirts and offered 50₱ha on mine.
3 Tshirts were given away to the winners:

I sent 6 T-shirts by mail last week and I keep 3 Tshirts for future events.

10 printed T-shirts : 105€ ~= 118,52$.
6 mailing post : 23.64€ ~= 26,68$

So i will ask 145.20/0.4252 = 341$₱ha by a tip proposal on the chain.


Thanks Tioneb, nice job!:+1::+1:


If it’s convenient, you can try to submit a on-chain tip proposal by yourself :wink: Polkadot/Substrate Portal

Here is the tutorial

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