12/17 Khala Network Runtime 1090 Notice

(The on-chain upgrade will be carried out at around 10am UST/18pm CST, 17th , please follow this instruction to upgrade miner/node after on-chain upgrade and do not do any upgrade before on-chain upgrade)

The new runtime version 1090 is a minor upgrade. It addresses the following problems:

Upgrade instructions

This upgrade is an on-chain runtime upgrade. This node client upgrade is a high priority. It is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
The newer node can introduce some improvements on stability and performance.

For service providers that run a full node:
If you run any 3rd party Substrate client which cannot deal with the runtime upgrade (i.e. subxt, GSRPC), you will need to restart the client after the runtime upgrade applies. Otherwise the newly signed transactions will have an invalid signature. Polkadot.js based clients should be able to automatically pick up the new metadata.

For solo miners:
You will need to upgrade to the latest pherry docker image, because only the new version can connect to the runtime based on v0.9.13. Please strictly follow the follow step to upgrade:

  1. Before the upgrade applies, keep the miner running and DO NOT do any upgrade operations
  2. sudo docker kill phala-pherry
  3. sudo docker pull phalanetwork/phala-pherry
  4. sudo phala start
  5. Please not that you don’t need to stop or restart pruntime. For the instructions in detail, please read the solo mining wiki.

For Gatekeeper operators:
Please follow the steps of the above solo miner.

For PRB cluster miners:
You don’t have to upgrade PRB. However an upgrade of both PRB and the full node is recommended.

Github: Release Khala Network Runtime 1090 · Phala-Network/khala-parachain · GitHub