Special Motion (#0): Restore council and other pallets by a runtime storage migration

This is a special motion with an id of zero. Due to the missed storage migration at runtime 1090, the council and a few other pallets cannot recognize the storage any more. So the id of this motion is reset to zero. This motion and the corresponding runtime upgrade v1091 aim to fix it.

To learn the details, please refer to:

The plan to fix the problem:

  1. Use the current temporary Council to designate HashForest as the temporary Technical Committee member
  2. Use the current temporary Council and the Technical Committee to apply a fast track runtime upgrade (v1091) to trigger the runtime upgrade
  3. After the runtime upgrade, the storage migration will restore all the past data to override the temporary Council and the Technical Committee
  4. Notify the indexers (subsquare) to rescan the council proposals

This motion contains a batch call:

The proposalHash refers to this preimage (on subscan), which can be decoded to the runtime upgrade:

To learn more about the runtime upgrade v1091, please refer to the Github release page.