Why withdrawing staker still gets rewards? + staker blacklisting request

Check my case: pool #1573
While performing maintenance I got 0% APR for 2 days and few people requested withdrawal for 70% of total pool delegation.
I can’t do anything…
If I stop my workers now (70% of all) APR will again drop because withdrawing staker still gets rewards. So 30% of workers will work for 100% of all stakers (withdrawing amount will leech rewards).
This will for sure make people to exit pool (7 days of reduced rewards).
On the other hand I can leave it and do nothing… eventually someone will call reclaim and all workers will stop. Which will also make pool hurt…
Even if I would reduce commission to 0% for those 7days it would still not compensate APR drop

I think if someone is requesting withdrawal he should not get rewards anymore.
I think it should be fair cuz:

  • if someone withdrawing because of owner increased commission and staker don’t get rewards it doesn’t change anything if we not share rewards with withdrawing stakers
  • if someone withdrawing just to get his funds it should be obvious that he don’t get rewards (this is normal in other staking systems right?)

I have also noticed some stakers who change pools frequently it is not good for me cuz I need to start worker, stop worker, wait cooldown, release funds, start again. If I would not do anything with staked funds it would just leech rewards from others.
So I would like to have option to blacklist accounts - so (s)he would not be able to stake into my pool.


Again 300k stake I need to rearrange… cuz the same “delegator” staked and withdrawed after while.
Blacklisting is must-have in current stakepools implementation or logic has to be changed so pools will not be sensitive to such attacks.

Hi, we’re planning StakePool V2(StakePool v2 · Issue #700 · Phala-Network/phala-blockchain · GitHub), maybe it can meet your demand?

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Do you have any idea about the blacklist’s mechanism, we can discuss it.

Hard to say, from my PoV it may be configured per pool.
Just list of addresses which would not be able to stake into pool.

But maybe pool owners who have multiple pools would prefer configuration per owner (the same for all pools).

But the delegator can change an account to stake into the pool. This cost is relatively low

Sure that can’t be overcome.

Do you think the whitelist can meet your needs?
Just the whitelist can stake into the pool

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For me it is not ideal. But in general I think it is good idea.

Understood, thanks for your idea