Tip Proposal: Reward for translation of two articles

I translated two articles about the Phala network. The first article explains the fundamental concepts about Phala including TEE Workers and Gatekeepers. The second article is a comprehensive guide to the various ways users can contribute to Phala’s crowndloan. The articles were well accepted in the Brazilian community and some people have already asked me for more details to enter Phala’s Crowndloan. I am a big Phala Network enthusiast

Link to articles:

1 - Phala: Computação em nuvem com transparência e privacidade | by PolkaMix | Feb, 2022 | Medium

2 - GUIA: Como apoiar a Rede Phala no CrowndLoan? | by PolkaMix | Feb, 2022 | Medium

Link to the originals:
1 - https://medium.com/phala-network/phala-transparent-and-private-global-computation-cloud-2d80c70ad1e9

2 - Guidance | How to Vote for Phala Network? | by Phala Network | Phala Network | Dec, 2021 | Medium

Who am I?

Giorge Abdala is a member of the DotSama Brazilian community. He is a software developer and passionate about the financial market, lover of the Polkadot system, Kusama and its parachains. He produces original content on the PolkaMix Medium Blog and translates content not yet translated into Portuguese about the Polkadot, Kusama and its parachains. He delves deeper into the issues and his publications have consistently grown. He is also an active member of the Brazilian community and does a great job answering telegram beginners’ questions.

Good work. Congratulations